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When the Ottoman Empire withdrew from the region in 1917, there were around 50.000 Jews and 650.000 Muslim and Christian Arabs in Palestine. It should be noted immediately that the period in which the people of the three heavenly religions lived in peace in Palestine (1516-1917) was the 400-year period of Ottoman rule.

Until 1947 then, Palestine was under British mandate; USA in 1947; Using the United Nations (UN), divided Palestine and gave more than half of it to the Jews. 50.000 Jews had become 600.000 in 30 years; because Jews from all over the world had moved to Palestine with the help of the British. Although this was seen as a responsibility of the West towards the Jews, in order to cover up the shame of the West, which stood by and watched Hitler's genocide, it also aimed to appoint a ''proxy state'' to the Middle East.

The state of Israel, which was established in 1948; took over hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their country by using fear-coercion-terror methods. Thus, Palestinian refugees had to take shelter in neighboring Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and other countries, and currently their number is 7.2 million.

The phrase 'Palestinians sold their land and fled' is an attempt of manipulation; It reflects a small part of the truth.

When the state of Israel was established in 1948, the registered properties of Jews in Palestine did not exceed 6% of the surface area of Palestine. Approximately 0.5% of this came from Palestinians (by intimidating and threatening, e.g. Deir Yasin massacre - 09 April 1948), some from some Lebanese and Syrian landlords (by giving 5/6 times the price), some they received from the Ottoman governors and district governors of the Ottoman Sultan II. Abdulhamid period (1890s) and mostly from the British colonial administration. As can be seen from the map, Israel does not comply with the 1947 United Nations partition plan.

Israel's seizure of thousands of acres of land on March 30, 1976 is commemorated every year as ''Land Day'' by Palestinians. Palestinians are organizing commemoration events for the occupied lands and those who lost their lives for 40 years.

Land Day is also seen as a symbol of the Palestinians' persistence regarding land, which is the source of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Palestinian Land Day's history "Nakbe" It dates back to the establishment of Israel in 1948, known as Israel, and the chain of events that followed. According to the Palestinian Statistics Center's March 2015 data, Israel has seized 85 percent of the 27 thousand square kilometers of Palestinian land. Palestinians can use only 15 percent of this area.

Another recent history claim or slogan on the agenda is: 'The Arabs shot the Turks-Ottomans from behind'. generalization like is available on social media. So how real is this?...

In 1908, Shariff Hussein was appointed as the Sheriff of Mecca by II. Abdulhamid as King of Hejaz between 1916-1924. The uprising of the Arab leader Sharif Hussein against Ottoman Empire took place in 1916; however Unionist/Ottoman conflicts in the Ottoman Empire in 1908 and 1911 and especially loosing in the Balkans, Cyprus and Armenian uprising and deportation by the end of World War I. with such many great defeats brought the empire to the brink of disintegration.

'He who stabbed the Ottomans from behind' When Sharif Hussein started the rebellion in June 1916, thousands of Arab soldiers joined the ranks of the Ottoman army with the Turks in the Balkans, Çanakkale and Sarıkamış fronts. It should not be forgotten that they fought together. Mustafa Kemal was pointed as a 'bandit', 'terrorist' and 'traitor', whileVahdettin was cooperating with the British who revolted or provoked Şerif Hüseyin!

Let's come to the speculations expressed in various social media environments about the colors of Sharif Hussein's flag. According to these unfounded discourses, these colors represent rebellion against the Ottoman Empire and killing the Turks?! In fact, when you look at Google, everything is visible. The white color in the flag represents the Umayyads, the black color represents the Abbasids, the green color represents the Fatimids (that is, the Shiite Ismaili sect) and the red color represents the Hashemite tribe. So in a sense''panarab'' and was actually created in the sense of Arab League.

However, in this context, after the Arab revolts that broke out with the provocations initiated by the British spy Lawrence of Arabia against the Ottomans during World War I. we can see that the geographies of the region were drawn with a ruler (especially Syria-Iraq...) for the purpose of changing the demography; ''Arabization'' and ''Kurdification'' projects should not be overlooked as well.

In the 1967 war, which was the second war after the first Arab-Israeli war of 1948 Israel occupied the remaining Palestinian territory, the West Bank and Gaza, as well as Syria's Golan and Lebanon's Shebaa regions and the Sinai Peninsula. but later Sinai was left back to Egypt.

So the West Bank and Gaza have been under occupation and siege for 56 years (Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, but the siege-blockade continues).

Over the past period, Israel has bombed Gaza dozens of times, killing and maiming thousands of people. As in the West Bank, thousands were imprisoned. At that time (1964's) Hamas did not exist and the leader of the Palestinian people was Yasser Arafat, the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization. The majority of the groups in the PLO were socialist-revolutionary and leftist and therefore the political-Islamists of the region and Türkiye did not support the struggle of the Palestinian people. This support was left to Deniz Gezmiş and his friends in Turkey, and to communist and left-leaning countries, parties and organizations in the world. At that time (as it is now in many places) political-Islamists were in the service of imperialism.

The surface area of Palestine and Israel is 27 thousand square kilometers. 21 thousand square km of this belongs to Israel; The rest is the West Bank and Gaza, where approximately 5.5 million Palestinians live. There are approximately 8 million Jews in Israel, and 750 thousand Palestinian Muslims and Christians live among them...

Now let's say a big war broke out and people got into conflict with each other, then everyone would slaughter everyone else and that would be the end of it. Moreover, while there are a total of ten million Jews in the world who can (theoretically) help the Jews, there are at least a billion Arabs and Muslims who can (practically) help the Palestinians. Meanwhile, let's not forget the US and Israeli collaborator governments in Arab and Muslim countries.

Despite these facts, Israel does not stop. Although Egypt signed peace agreements with Israel in Camp David in 1978, Arafat in Oslo in 1993, and Jordan signed peace agreements with Israel in 1994, the Israeli administration continued its aggression. In 2020, the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco signed similar agreements (Abraham Agreements), but the Jews continued to kill Palestinians (all teenagers and about 900 children in the last three years), destroy their homes, imprison thousands of them, and bomb Gaza whenever they got bored.

However, the solution to this problem is not very difficult; Israel will withdraw from the occupied lands, an independent Palestinian state will be established, Jerusalem, where three religions meet, will become the common capital of the two states, and everyone in this geography will have peace.

The founders of Israel and those who came and settled in Palestinian lands from all over the world, believing in their Zionist (Israeli religious fanatic and fondamentalist) discourse and the Great State of Israel (Big Middle East Project) from the Nile to the Euphrates and approximately 20 million Jews will dominate the world'' It is difficult to make peace with believing fanatics and those who hold this view. It would not be wrong to say that once there is peace, the Zionist/imperialist ideology will lose its validity.

When we look at the current macro-political developments, we can think of the forces behind these events as Iran-Russia and China on one side, and Israel-America-Britain and other Western states and their supporters on the other.

It will be useful to see the developments in the Middle East that concern the world in recent years:

  • Israeli natural gas: Israel aims to get rid of coal with its new natural resources and achieve both economic and political gain as an important energy exporter in the world. Exports are planned especially to Arab countries and Europe. However, while doing this, Türkiye and Iran are excluded.

  • Natural gas resources off the coast of Gaza are important!

  • The recent Israeli-Arab détente (Abraham Accords).

  • The recent Arab-Iranian détente.

  • Israel-Azerbaijan rapprochement regarding Karabakh.

It is because of these complex reasons and relationships of interest that recent events are very important.

Jew Fanatics who said 'We are the most powerful state in the world. Our army and intelligence are second to none' were encouraging everyone to come to Israel. However with the recent events, it seems that the Israeli state, its army and intelligence are in weakness.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of dead, injured and captured; There is a high probability that these losses will increase with a possible Israeli army ground operation (I hope not) and unfortunately this will be a massacre and genocide.

This situation, which I cannot understand at all and cannot reconcile with any conscientious thought, is how this state (Israel), which is the state of a people who suffered so much from the Hitler genocide in recent history, inflicts this genocide and oppression on a defenseless, oppressed people who have no power to defend themselves. Unbelievable?!!!!?

From now on, no outside Jew will choose to go to Israel. It is now difficult for Israel's rulers to recover the psychology of the society that is affected by the bad images shared especially by Palestinians. It seems that this will not be the end of the matter, and many Israeli citizens will flee the country at the first opportunity and look for ways to return to their homeland. However, many oppressed Palestinian citizens, especially those living in Gaza, will probably try to migrate to Middle East conutries, Egypt, Libya, Greece and Italy...

The current government in Israel continues its power with a religious and bigoted coalition and in this process, ''covering up some corruption'' is trying to limit the powers of the Israeli Constitutional Court and the Judiciary. . For this reason, they also look like our government. It is possible to say that for almost a year (since 07.01.2023), the sensible people of Israel have been protesting this attempt in the streets and squares under the headline ''Israeli judicial reform protests''. Social democratic and leftist parties and sensitive citizens in Israel reveal their determined stance on this issue. That's why I think we should not neglect this perspective when evaluating these events and their timing.

As for Hamas; this organization has relations with the state of Israel, and especially what kind of relationship and collusion it has with secret service organizations such as Mossad and Shin Bet Israeli was clearly shown in ''Fauda'', a Netflix series. PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization)' The religious-fanatic-Islamist Hamas organization was established by the US-CIA and Mossad in order to prevent PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) development. Yasser Arafat, the joint leader of Fatah and the PLO was aiming for a democratic-social-independent State of Palestine and this was against their strategy. Hamas took control of Gaza after the military conflict with the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) in 2007 and turned Gaza into a base by oppressing the Palestinian people there.

Almost all of the political Islamists in Turkey were against this democratic-socialist structure of the PLO, which was established in 1966. The recognition of the PLO in Turkey occurred during the Ecevit government in 1978. The first people to fight for solidarity with Palestine were Deniz Gezmiş and his friends, the revolutionaries of our country. In this respect, it is not possible to say that most of the political-Islamist groups, both in our country and in other Middle Eastern countries, are sincere in their reactions to the Palestine Issue.

In summary; In the current and recent events in Palestine and Israel, the deliberate killing and torture of civilians is a war crime and inhumane, regardless of which side commits it. In this context, we can say that neither Hamas represents Palestinians nor the Israeli Netanyahu government represents the state of Israel and all Israelis. Just like the current government in our country does not represent the whole country and its citizens...

So, it is necessary not to see this inhumane war and massacre as an all-out war arising from the hostility between Israelis and Palestinians, but to understand that they are trying to portray it as if it were a war of identity and religion.

I strongly whish these power and fanatic ideology owners, who waste democracy, social state and human-citizen rights for their own interests, should keep their hands off both Israel-Palestine and the whole world and not shadow them. I believe that one day, both beautiful people will be able to live together in peace and respecting each other's rights in a two-state order.


Palestine is Mine - Hüsnü Mahalli /article-file/181032 - Historical background of the region

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