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SALDA LAKE is a tectonic lake that started to form 2.5 billion years ago and has a feature that makes it unique in the world.

Our lake, where the first traces of life and the first bacteria were seen on Earth...

This formation still continues…

SALDA LAKE has the feature of "Single Lake", which is geologically and mineralogically similar to the old lake in JEZERO CRATER, which was chosen as the target area by NASA for the Mars 2020 mission. TURKISH and NASA scientists state that the carbonate minerals and accumulation areas contained in SALDA LAKE will be a guide in the work of the "Perseverance" robot sent to the Red Planet to investigate possible traces of life on Mars...

Haluk H.ızlıalp

My story

Muzaffer Haluk Hızalp was born on 30.11.1962 in Istanbul. He completed his primary education at Erenköy and Yıldız Primary Schools, his secondary and high school education at the French Saint-Benoit Boys' High School, his university education at Istanbul University Faculty of Economics, and his undergraduate education at Istanbul University.
He completed his higher education at King's College, England.

Hızalp, who speaks French, English and intermediate Italian, after completing his military service, worked in many companies in the Information Technologies sector, such as NCR and Bull, respectively.
He worked in multinational technology companies and later served as a senior manager of Information Technologies within Anadolu Group and later Sanko Holding.


Throughout his working life, he has carried out many value-added projects related to software, hardware, network and internet technologies in sectors such as textile, beverage, automotive, stationery and informatics. Hızalp, who has a son named Cem Hızalp, who was born in 1996, currently lives in Istanbul and carries out research in the fields of Turkish History and Language, archaeology, anthropology and mythology, which are his special interests, and continues his life as a researcher and writer.

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