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Rock paintings (Petroglyphs) are encrypted cultural codes that tell the journey of humankind from prehistoric times to the present day, their sacred beliefs and concepts, mythologies, rituals, and subconscious archetypes.

These rock carvings or paintings are expressions of perception of nature and the universe by hunter-gatherer communities living in the Neolithic (8,000 BC) periods, starting from the Paleolithic and Mesolithic ages (between 22,000-10,000 BC), respectively. In my opinion, they are also expressions of perception of nature and the universe after themselves. It was used as a communication tool for future generations. While it reflects the life, death, eternity and belief culture of the people living in those periods, it is also thought to contain some astrological and cosmological secrets.

These rock paintings are also the first source of art forms that have survived and been repeated for thousands of years. The first source of the tamgas used by the ancient Turks and therefore the tamga (runic) letters are the "Rock Paintings", which we call "petroglyphs". Rock Paintings are stylized and simplified over time. The exact equivalent of these stylized symbols is "Tamga" in the old Turkish language. There is a long transition process from tamgas to letters. The birth of the Ural-Altaic Turkic languages, the world's most ancient language family, and the pre- and post-Gokturk Tamga ABCs observed throughout Eurasia are the products of this process.

One of the most prominent rock paintings, which appear frequently in many parts of the world, especially in Central Asia, Siberia, Anatolia, Mesopotamia and Eurasia, is the rock paintings that I find appropriate to call "Sun Man".


Sun People represent the purest, cleanest and lightest state of man. It is an expression of the Sun Cult in archaic shaman (kam) and pagan beliefs, especially in Siberia, Central Asia and Anatolia. He loves and protects nature, and acquires all kinds of knowledge by watching nature, the sky, the universe and himself; does not harm any living creature; He has a selfless, sharing and helpful nature; lives with the fact that time is cyclical, not linear; He believes in the immortality of the soul and that it will reach God through a heavenly journey.

In fact, we all try to be "Sun People". However, in order to approach this goal, every person must be able to confront himself and his subconscious.

May the sun increase in the number of people in today's world...

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